Never Felt Like Home

by Nothing Gold

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released August 8, 2016

Never Felt Like Home was recorded at Edmontone Studios. Mixed/mastered by Owen Hamilton.
Art work by Brandynn Leigh


all rights reserved



Nothing Gold Edmonton, Alberta

Nothing Gold is:

Brad Hosler
Owen Hamilton
Mack Behm
Clint Hoekstra

Edmonton Post Hardcore

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Track Name: Rebirth
You can have it anyway you want it
I'm so apathetic
because I can't get my fix out of you anymore
I was just something to cross off your list
something to play with

I know you hate it
but it's all dramatic
I don't think you ever cared about it
because you can't entertain yourself
Track Name: Wilt
The flowers I gave you are dead beneath the soil
I'm in over my head again
Just trying to feel something
Everyone I ever loved left me out to dry
And I've lost so much blood tearing myself apart inside

Just wanted you to
Love me to death
Cry a little more
Over how there's nothing left

Can you remind me what it feels like,
To hold your heart in my hand?
Before you break it again

And I just want to disappear
Because no one cares anymore
I can't tell you what's wrong
Because everything feels numb
Nowadays, I can't look you in the face
If I hold my breath for you, I'll strangle myself out

I'll never know how to say what I feel
Or how to show you
I hope it's not too little

My bloody hands
Don't mean a thing
To anyone, but myself
My pale skin, like a ghost
in the eyes of everyone else

Why do I still ache?
I've lost so much love

Apathy is harder for me
I've been paving my way to a shallow grave
It's so much warmer below
But this place just doesn't feel like home

I've got to get out of here
Get me out alive
Before the sun begins to fall
And I have no place left to hide

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